About Us

Cleaners Warehouse Cleaning Supplies Brisbane

It is some 24 years since Russell and I took ownership of Cleaners Warehouse and looking back, it was a huge task buying a business and knowing nothing about it. Scary in fact! I had no idea just how much there was to learn about a simple mop and bucket! Being thrown in at the deep end provided rapid monumental learning experiences, some good, some not so good but all valuable business lessons.

Through our tenacity and determination and with the help of our staff, great customers and some very helpful suppliers, we soon became knowledgeable and developed a real interest and passion for the industry. Cleaners Warehouse is both a wholesale and a trade business and we understand the meaning of great customer service. It’s something that we have always strived for and has always been the benchmark of our business ethos. We proudly enjoy second and third generation young cleaners now coming through our doors.

Referral business is a large part of our business and we are achieving that via our loyal customers and suppliers. With our excellent range of quality products and being a leading distributor of industry giants like Kimberly Clark, Rosche, Pacvac, Interclean, Oates, Research and Whiteley’s, we take pride in knowing that the word of our hard work and dedication has spread far and wide.

After some years, we became fully recognised in the marketplace, adding the title of ‘award winning’ to our name. By providing a reliable delivery and platinum customer service, we really have stood the test of time. With our desire to succeed and a lot of hard work, we are very proud of what we’ve made Cleaners Warehouse today.

Among our many milestones, it is ten years ago that we formulated ‘Our Brand’ of quality cleaning products which have become enormously popular with all our clients. Our business has continued to grow and because of this, our other significant milestone was reached. Four years ago, we made the decision to move our entire business to a bigger and better location in Milton, with greater street visibility, more onsite parking and including a beautifully presented showroom in which to display our vast range of products. Ensuring we remain open for public trade has always been a priority for us. This relocation has proved to be a real success for Cleaners Warehouse and we couldn’t be prouder.

We are constantly updating our computer systems, infrastructure, vehicles and more recently, our website, making sure that Cleaners Warehouse is relevant and reaching out to an ever-growing online customer base. It’s now even easier to get in contact with us as Cleaners Warehouse is now on Facebook!

We have built a solid reputation of expert quality services, highly skilled sales people, trusted brands and trusted people. These factors make Cleaners Warehouse the leading quality professional company that it is today.


Joan Urwin, Managing Director.