Chemical Dispensing Equipment

Cleaners Warehouse have a complete range of high quality chemicals for the food service industry, house-keeping and commercial laundries.  These include commercial dishwasher chemical, sanitizing chemicals and environmentally safe enzyme based chemicals.  Our representatives are trained in the servicing and maintenance of all equipment.  They have the expertise to ensure the best results are achieved from your dishwasher.

Free On Loan Food Service Chemical Dispensing Equipment

Commercial dishwashers need simple, accurate and reliable chemical dosing systems to help ensure that an acceptable level of cleaning and hygiene is consistently maintained. Cleaners Warehouse offer the following free of charge (conditions apply).

  • Free installation and Free on loan supply of dispensing equipment *conditions apply*
  • Servicing of dispensing equipment
  • written reports on performance and results of equipment and chemicals.

The TDS range of automatic dosing systems contains one of the most recognized pumps in the world and is suited to all types of commercial dishwashers including glass washers, single-rack door type machines, conveyor and flight type models.

In any application where you need to accurately dispense a set amount of chemicals, our range of manual hand and drum pumps ensure cost effective delivery of chemicals at point of use. These systems require no water, electricity or compressed air and are available in a variety of configurations to ensure optimum performance and delivery of your products.

Please contact us for a no obligation free appraisal and quote.

DR35 – Dishwasher Chemical Dosing Pump

The DR35 is a two-pump dishwashing chemical dispenser incorporating the latest digital electronics and software to provide maximum flexibility in a very easy to use format.

Detergent and rinse aid pumps are housed in an IP66 water resistant enclosure.

The installer can select probe, probeless, power up, timed, speed or cyclic mode, or any combination of these to suit any dishwasher.


  • SIMPLE, easy to follow programming
  • Probe and Probeless functions
  • Pass code protection for security
  • Data Tracking provides Rack Counts, # of Fills, Detergent Usage and Rinse Usage
  • Resettable data
  • Unique “IQ” sensing technology eliminates overshoot of detergent set point in Probe mode
  • Unique quick connect Probe
  • Self-Diagnostics in Probe mode will advise when there is no water in the wash tank or the probe needs cleaning
  • Built in provision for additional out of product alarms, even in Probeless mode
  • Ability to set the speed of the motors in conjunction with normal programming, which provides for unmatched accuracy and control
  • Pre-wired with 3M of cable
  • Full accessory and installation kit
  • Optional “Quick Connect” feature for fast easy replacement of system if required

PRO DOSE R – Kitchen Wash Sink Dosing Systems

An enhanced version of the original Pro Dose models, the Pro Dose R raises the bar in terms of reliability and durability.


    • Universal wall mounting bracket. No drill required when replacing existing pumps.

  • Accurate dosing, each push yields the same volume output every time.
  • Easy adjustable dosage: 5/10/15/20/25/30 ml per push by moving red pins.
  • Pin for lock out time provided as a standard
  • Heavy duty spring on the outside so no contact with chemical.
  • Larger diameter inlet and outlet fittings for products over 4000Cps
  • Inlet and outlet valve easily accessible for cleaning and replacing.
  • New flexible spout made from EPDM for chemical compatibility and durability
  • Discharge spout easily replaceable if damaged.
  • Extended and non-drip spout.
  • Various coloured caps available to match the colour coding of your chemicals.
  • Double O-ring seals for quick priming and to hold product in place.
  • Models available for detergents, solvents and chlorinated type products.


  • EPDM Seal: for classic detergents, pH range of 10-14
  • Silicone Seal: for chlorine products, pH range of 5-10
  • Viton Seal: for solvents, pH range of 0-5

Laundry Chemical Dispensing Equipment

OPL Advantage Series – Laundry chemical dispensing equipment

The OPL Advantage combines Seko’s world leading peristaltic pump technology and guaranteed reliability for accurate dosing of chemicals in commercial and industrial laundry machines.


  • Transaxle Technology: Provides support and stability to the drive-shaft, making the roller pressure on the squeeze tubes more uniform. This results in a longer lifetime of the motor and squeeze tubes.
  • Intuitive, user friendly programmer. Little to no training required.
  • Pass code protection.
  • Pump calibration function.
  • Three to six pump configurations.
  • Up to nine formula capability.
  • Relay interface feature.

  • Drain Mode feature.
  • Load count feature for each formula.
  • Standard 300ml/min flow rated pumps.
  • Three or more pumps can be run at the same time without losing output.
  • Built in five second trigger signal filter.
  • Programmable signal lock out time, up to 75 minutes.
  • Single common or multi common adaptable.
  • Built in feature to counter ghost signals.
  • Two programming levels.
  • Optional Flush Manifold kit.
  • Optional Flow Switch with visual and alarm indicators.

Housekeeping Chemical Dispensing Equipment

ProMax – Housekeeping chemical dispensing equipment

Pro Max represents the most intuitive and cost effective dispensing system available in the market today. By combining revolutionary technology of patented hydrodynamics and user friendly, image enhancing features, Pro Max provides the perfect solution for all institutional and light industrial chemical dilution applications.


  • Available in 1 and 4 product dispensing configurations with both Button and Slide activation options
  • Watermark approved back-flow device to avoid chemical contamination of the inlet water
  • Flow rate options of 4, 16 and 30 litres/minute

  • Working pressure from 1 bar (15psi) to 5 bar (75psi)
  • Working temperature up to 70* C
  • Inlet connection is ¾” BSP and is compatible with all Australian fittings
  • Metering tips are inserted from the outside speeding up installation time
  • Solenoid valve type magnet activation tested to provide 10 years of operation
  • Industrial designed dial on four product systems with specially formulated elastomers providing unmatched durability and the highest chemical resistance available
  • For a 4 product system, each inlet is numbered making it easy to know which metering tip applies to which chemical to be diluted. No more having to open the cover to trace the suction lines
  • Ability to customise; Easily personalised facing allows customization without costly printing minimums and set up charges
  • Modular; Individual units easily connect together to form whatever dispensing configuration you require
  • Optional Cartridge Filter for troublesome water areas
  • Optional tamper proof housing
  • Robust and durable PP enclosure

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