AirX Bioenzymes Odour Eater 5l

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Removes stains and odours from:

  • Artificial Grass for dog urine
  • Sink odours
  • Remove stains and odours from urine, vomit, blood, milk, coffee, food, pet accidents/bedding.

AirX Bioenzymes Odour Eater Multo purpose Enzyme Cleaner and Odour Digestor

Contains live bacteria and aircide odour counteractant.

The special blend of live bacteria in Odour Eater were chosen because they quickly digest organic matter that produces foul odours and stains.

Odour Eater also contains AIRCIDE Foul Odour Counteractant to remove odours already in the air leaving a burst of freshness.

The live bacteria in Odour Eater keep producing enzymes until the stain or odours vanishes.

Works great on carpets!

A fantastic general cleaner for biocycle households.


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