Ametek 1000W Twin Vacuum Motor

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  • Two Stage Flo Thru To Suit VL300
  • Suitable for 240 volt AC operation, 50/60 Hz
  • Skeleton-frame design
  • Provision for grounding
  • 5.7″/145 mm diameter
  • Double ball bearings
  • Single speed
  • Aluminium fan end bracket
  • Aluminium commutator bracket
  • Model Number 119655-00/M030

Ametek 1000W Twin Vacuum Motor Design Application – Equipment operating in environments not requiring separation of working air from the motor ventilating air. Designed to handle clean, dry, filtered air only. Suits Hako Rocket Vac (Old Style) and other compatible vacuums.

Ametek motors have a long reputation and are well known to customers worldwide in terms of efficiency.  All spare parts of the motor are produced by high-quality materials which can provide a great performance and durability.

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