BioEnzymes Enviro Cleaner and Sanitiser

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  • Versatile yet ‘green’ multi-purpose cleaner
  • Broad spectrum sanitiser
  • Kills mould and mildew
  • Boosted with a special ingredient which provides sanitizing power up to dilutions of 1:30
  • Made in Brisbane

BioEnzymes Enviro Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaning and sanitising product for commercial and industrial use.

Effectively cleans concrete, washrooms and toilets, all kitchen surfaces, carpets and upholstery, glass, walls, floors and spot cleans laundry.

Contains vegetable oil surfactants and phosphate free water conditioners and dispersants.

Eliminates the need to carry multiple products and saves money too!

Directions for use: 

Dilute at 1:20 for heavy soiling

Dilute 1:30 for light soiling.

Spray, brush or soak. Leave for 1-2 minutes to penetrate and rinse or wipe off.

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Enviro Cleaner


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