Bioenzymes Maintain Drain Cleaner

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  • Works Natures way, only faster!
  • Prevents blocked traps & lines & eliminates the disgusting job of hand cleaning them.
  • Automatic dispensing assures proper treatment as needed, without the involvement of personnel.
  • Replaces Hazardous Caustics that can burn personnel & damage drain lines.
  • Eliminates chlorinated solvent that can contaminate the environment.
  • Leaves an active bio-film on the inside surface of traps & pipes to prevent accumulation of grease.
  • Fortified with a natural orange solvent to penetrate grease more quickly
  • Formulated with Airicide to eliminate odours ordinarily associated with grease traps & sewer lines.
  • Biodegrades rapidly
  • 30 billion organisms per litre guaranteeing high enzyme producing bacteria counts.

Bioenzymes Maintain Drain Cleaner is a bio-enzymatic complex that works to liquefy grease, fats, organic matter and other potential blockages in grease traps, drains & drain lines. Billions of specially bred bacteria lie dormant in every gallon of AirX Maintain, then spring to action when they contact waste & release enzymes that attack, digest & liquefy the matter. Just like
nature, but faster.

Uses:  For cleaning & opening grease traps & drains in food processing plants, restaurants, cafeterias, food service kitchens, fast food stores etc


Grease traps – Before first use, remove as much grease & other waste from the system as possible. For best results add treatment at night or when water running through the system is at
a minimum. Start growth of biomass by adding 30ml per litre of capacity. Continue treatment at this level until the trap is clear, then begin routine treatment as below.
Daily Maintenance  – Add 30ml per litre capacity of trap each day. Treatment may be added manually or automatically, but always ‘upstream’ of the trap. Trap sizes vary greatly in size &
condition. For specific recommendations, call our office & ask for one of our expert representatives



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