Bioenzymes Miracoil Air Conditioner Cleaner

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  • Cleans – Miracoil removes dirt, dust, industrial fall out, airborne sales, lint, grass clippings and other obstructions.
  • Penetrates- Miracoil’s foam penetrates deep into the coil bank to loosen dirt and pull it to the surface.
  • Deoxidises- Miracoil removes ‘white rust’ corrosion from aluminium fins & tarnish from copper coils.
  • Retards Pitting – Cleaned surfaces stay bright & smooth even longer than they did originally.
  • Increases Efficiency – Periodic cleaning improves heat transfer & cooling efficiency.
  • Saves Electricity – Motors & compressors need to run less frequently when units are cleaned with this miraculous product.
  • Prolongs life – More units break down because they are not cleaned than for any other reason.
  • Easy to use – Just spray on & rinse off.
  • Economical – Miracoil is a concentrate that can be diluted with water for routine use.
  • Safe for most common surfaces – Miracoil will not attack plastic, rubber, paint, tile floors or carpeting.
  • Non-flammable – Miracoil will not burn or support combustion in its liquid or vapour form.

Bioenzymes Miracoil Air Conditioner Cleaner. removes corrosion, dirt, greasy soil, dust, lint and atmospheric deposits. Improves heat transfer efficiency & reduces energy consumption.
Air conditioning & refrigeration systems fail more frequently because they are not clean than because of mechanical problems. Even when the cause is mechanical, it’s apt to be a result of dirt & corrosion reducing the efficiency of the unit so that it is forced to run too frequently.

Miracoil can decrease the running cost of your air conditioner unit by up to 35%.

Directions for use:

For the first cleaning, use full strength. Thereafter, a dilution of 1 part cleaner to 3 parts water is sufficient for maintenance.

Apply with a low-pressure sprayer.

Allow to work for a few minutes and rinse off thoroughly with clean water.

Please note: This product is classed as Dangerous Goods for Transport and as such, freight charges will apply.  

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