Citrus Resources Orange Squirt Multi Purpose Cleaner

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  • A multi-purpose hard surface cleaner
  • Endorsed with the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) mark
  • Highly concentrated economical formulation
  • Suitable for general cleaning or heavy duty commercial tasks
  • Enhanced biodegradability
  • pH: 9.5 – 10

Citrus Resources Orange Squirt is a multi-purpose cleaner that lifts and removes greasy soils by softening oils and hardened fats and making them soluble. It cuts through general dirt, grime and vegetable matter commonly found in areas such as kitchens. An ideal floor cleaning solution, it may also be used as a laundry prewash, carpet spotter and vinyl cleaner. Safe to use on granite, limestone and marble when diluted according to directions. Contains vegetable based detergents.

In 1992 a new concept of All Natural, highly biodegradable cleaning products for commercial use was introduced, called Citrus Resources. These products help to sustain the environment and are safer to use yet they are powerful enough for commercial use. We believe that it is time for all responsible people to start doing something about helping to protect the environment now – not when forced by legislation, as then it will be too late.

Citrus Resources has taken simple, renewable and harvested citrus crops and other plantation by-products and turned them into natural, highly biodegradable cleaning products, many of which are approved by Good Environmental Choice Australia. A product of the Oates Laboratories.

Citrus Resource products contain no phosphates, sulphates, petroleum solvents or benzene detergent bases. No Silicate or caustics are used in Citrus Resource products, the only alkali source coming from ammonia, a substance that evaporates away after its job is done.

Quats (Ammonium Salts) are not used in any of the Citrus Resource formulations as it can be highly toxic to marine life. Citrus Resources is a major supplier of purified ultra high-grade D-Limonene in various aqueous and volatile formulations as an alternative. Not only are these products safer and less toxic to use, but they are also super biodegradable and clean better than aliphatic hydrocarbons.

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