Clean Room 095 Dust Control Mats

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  • Clean Room mat traps impurities in areas that require dust and dirt control.
  • The tacky surface pulls dirt and dust off shoe soles before they can contaminate a “clean room”.
  • Effective and easy to use, each mat has 30 sheets of tough film laminated together in a stack.
  • Once the top film is contaminated, simply pull it off and discard.
  • Clean Room mat offers economical dirt control on low-profile carpet, tile or concrete surfaces.

Clean Room 095 Dust Control Mats. Mats that Stick!

The tacky surface removes dust and dirt from your shoes as you walk over it before walking into ‘Clean Rooms’.

Great outside mats for Labs, Control Rooms and any sensitive areas that cannot be contaminated. Also used outside Operating theatres, biotechnology labs and semiconductor manufacturing.

Clean Room mats come in pads with 30 layers of tough, laminated film. Once the top film becomes contaminated, simply pull off and discard.

Sold in packs of 8 packs this equates to 240 sheets, that depending on the amount of traffic could last for up to a year.

Don’t bring any nasty stuff into your clean spaces with these mats.

Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric Tacky Polyethylene
Uses Semi Conductor manufacturing, biotechnology, the life sciences and other fields sensitive to environmental contamination.
Compound Tacky Polyethylene
Colours Blue or Clear Translucent Film –  460mm x 1145mm

Blue or Grey Translucent Film – 660mm x 1145mm

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