Dual Liquid Spray Bottle

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  • Dispenses two liquids simultaneously
  • Dilution control
  • Allows a concentrated liquid to be used on the go
  • Bottle locks for quick removal
  • Made from high-quality material for a long life

The Dual Liquid Trigger Sprayer dispenses two liquids simultaneously.

Its dilution control dial allows the user to adjust the dilution of the two liquids, making it suitable for a concentrated liquid with various applications dependent upon its dilution rate to water.

Designed to use with disposable refills or can be refilled by a funnel using your own bulk solution, the Dual Liquid Trigger Sprayer is made with high-quality components for longevity.

Bottle capacity: 325ml

Have a look at our chemical compatibility chart under “Safety Information” to see how particular chemicals affect the bottle.

Instructions – to fill or refill the DLS 200 spray bottle:

  1. Turn the tabs clockwise to the off position, remove the spray head.
  2. Fill the “solution bottle” to the bottle shoulder line.
  3. Fill the “water bottle” to the bottle shoulder line using water from your tap.
  4. Replace the spray head and turn the blue and green tabs to the “ON” position. This will now lock your bottles in place.
  5. Select a level of dilution, dial it in and off you go.
 Dilution rate

Duty Applications
#5 1:5  Heavy For cleaning grout lines, difficult soap scum, or for any heavy soil build-up areas.
#4 1:10 Medium For more difficult soils or things cleaned less frequently
#3 1:20
#2 1:40
#1 1:50 Light  Mirrors, walls, glass, light dusting, fresh carpet stains, countertops
#0 1:60



Compatibility Chart


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