Gala Crawling Insect Surface Spray

$14.50 inc GST


  • Very powerful concentrate formulation stops crawling insects dead
  • Residual surface spray keeps on killing

Spiders: Spray where cobwebs appear

Clothes Moths: Spray storage areas and in emptied drawers and wardrobes

Silverfish: Spray architraves, book shelves, and areas where paper is stored.

Ants: Spray around garbage bins and food disposal areas and entry points.

Cockroaches: Spray skirting boards, under cupboards, behind stoves and refrigerators and places where cockroaches live and hide.

Carpet Beetles: Lightly spray carpets, under lounge chairs and along skirting boards.

Fleas: Infested rooms should be closed and treated by thoroughly spraying the carpet. Ventilate the room 4 hours after use.

Bedbugs: Lightly spray around the bed, frame and other locations close to sleeping area.

Millipedes: Thoroughly spray surfaces inside the home where millipedes enter to maintain an insecticide barrier.

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