Glomesh Red Spray Buff Regular Speed Floor Pad

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Glomesh Regular Speed Floor Pads perform everything from aggressive floor stripping right through to dry polishing to a high shine. The regular speed floor pads are graded by colours – the darker the colour, the more aggressive action of the pad.

  • Black: This pad is used for regular stripping. For a more intense stripping action see Emerald floor pad.
  • Brown: This dry strip floor pad is used for regular stripping or more aggressive cutting back.
  • Green: This green scrubbing pad is used for wet heavy duty floor scrubbing or for cutting back. For a more intense cutting action use the Glomesh Brown Dry Strip Pad.
  • Blue: This blue cleaner pad is used for lighter scrubbing and less aggressive cutting back. For a more intense cutting back action use the Glomesh Green Scrubbing Floor Pad.
  • Red: This red spray buff floor pad is used for spray or spot buffing. It can be used for dry buffing or very light wet scrub.
  • Tan – Suitable for dry polishing buffable finishes. Also has the ability to surface clean while polishing.
  • White: This white super polish floor pad is used for dry polishing to a higher shine. Can use water mist to aid obtaining a high gloss finish.

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