Gumption Multi Purpose Cleaner

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  • Simple and easy to use
  • No bleaches or harsh chemicals which means no overwhelming fumes and it’s mild on your hands
  • Restores an unbeatable, back-to-new shine
  • Lifts and removes the toughest of ingrained stains and grime
  • It’s versatile – safe for use on most old and modern surfaces around the home
  • It’s economical – a little bit of gumption goes a long way!
  • Tried and tested for over 60 years
  • Lemon scented

Tried and trusted, Gumption Multi-purpose Cleanser has been a cleaning-cupboard staple for generations. For over 60 years, Gumption has been tackling those tough cleaning jobs around home, bringing back an unbeatable shine and an outstanding clean every time!

It uses a special soap formulation with unique exfoliating beads to break down and gently lift even the toughest of stains, grease and grime, out of the surface.

Gumption can be used on most modern surfaces such as natural stone bench tops, laminates, baths, basins, tiles, stove tops, ovens and even stainless steel sinks. It will even restore the shine to your pots and pans!

Best of all, Gumption contains no bleaches or harsh chemicals, meaning it’s safe as well as versatile.

Here are just some of the things it can do:
Remove red wine stains from bench tops or floors
Remove rust from laundry basin
Use Gumption on a toothbrush to clean between the tiles
Remove thick greasy grime from the stove and extraction hood
Clean marks off crockery
Restore the shine to kitchen sinks and tap ware
Remove paint off tiles
Bring back the shine to a greasy BBQ
Clean off marks like grubby finger prints and crayon off walls
Ultimate product for renters – clean with gumption before every inspection!

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