Hako Advantage Bagless Backpack Vacuum

$528.00 inc GST

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  • Smart Cord Restraint
  • Bagless
  • Patented Filtration Technology
  • Single button empty
  • Durable construction
  • Ergonomic Design

The Hako Advantage eliminate the need to use, clean, replace or buy cloth or paper vacuum bags. No more long, arduous process where you shake, bang, brush or vacuum out the cloth bag before you can get back to cleaning.  The Advantage’s 3-Tier Dual Core, STAC® (Swirl Tube Axial Cyclone) technology combined with a high efficiency vacuum motor delivers incredible cleaning results.Testing against a variety of conventional vacuum cleaners (with dust bags), The Advantage was able to pick up 200-300% more dust in an average week of vacuuming.  It enables the professional cleaner to vacuum a whole lot more area in less time.

Additional protection for the user and the environment, the Advantage has Antimicrobial Technology in the internal plastics, vacuum hose and motor filter (Efficiency at >99.9%) to help reduce and eliminate some nasty germs being emitted back into the air.  Including odour control inhibitors it helps eliminate those terrible odours that you usually smell being exhausted into the air when vacuuming.

The Advantage’s Strainless®, quick change cord restraint, helps reduce cord stretching and tangling. The smart design makes changing the cable easy and quick. The cord restraint is positioned away from your feet to help reduce the risk of walking back onto the cable when vacuuming.  Simple design with a clear purpose.

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