Hospeco 6000 Premium Spray Aerosol Refills

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  • Anti Bacterial formula with an odour neutraliser to eliminate all types of bad odours
  • Premium quality perfume sourced from the UK
  • 6000 sprays each with american valve actuator
  • Fits all types of wall mounted dispensers

Baby Powder: Health Guard Premium Baby Powder Aerosol Refill. A fresh, light, young, nostalgic, cozy & comforting scent. Perfect for the home. Great for baby change rooms.

Cologne: Health Guard Premium Cologne. Calvin Klein CK1 Aerosol Refill. Perfume in a can.  Citrusy & light. Refreshed summer euphoric scent. Perfect for home, office, men’s stores and more.

Green Tea: Health Guard Premium Green Tea Aromatherapy Aerosol Refill. A fresh, rejuvenating & invigorating scent.

Isabella: Health Guard Premium Isabella Aerosol Refill. Perfume  in a can.  An energetic, fun & lively scent. Perfect for home, work, office, clothing stores and more. Male cologne scented.

Mango Madness: Health Guard Premium Mango Madness Aerosol Refill. A happy, vibrant mixture of sweetness with hints of exotic orange scents.

Sandalwood: Health Guard Premium Sandalwood Aromatherapy Aerosol Refill.  A fresh, sweet, warm & rich woody scent.

Lemon Sparkle:  Health Guard Premium Lemon Sparkle Aerosol Refill. A Bright, Clean & Happy Scent that will suit any location.

Dior Poison: Perfume In A Can.  An intense fresh irresistible & seductive scent will enhance all environments both at work & home. Great for ladies rest room or change room.

Calvin Klein CK1: Perfume In A Can.  Citrusy & light. Refreshed Summer euphoric scent perfect for home, work or anywhere.

Ralph Lauren: Perfume In A Can.  A fresh masculine aquatic scent with woody notes.



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Baby Powder, Calvin Klein CK1, Cologne, Dior Poison, Green Tea, Isabella, Lemon Soda, Lemon Sparkle, Mango Madness, Ralph Lauren Polo, Sandalwood

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