Karcher Puzzi 10/1 Water Extractor

$1,406.90 inc GST


The Puzzi 10/1 comes with new, ergonomic and time saving accessories like integrated on-board storage for accessories and power cord. The machine is specifically suited for cleaning of carpets and upholstery.


Technical data

Max. area performance (m²/h) 25

Air flow rate (l/s)                                              54

Vacuum (mbar/kPa)                                       220/22

Spray rate l/min                                                1

Spray pressure/back pressure bar            1

Fresh/dirty water tank (l)                             10/9

Turbine power rating (W)                             1250

Power rating pump (W)                40

Brush motor power rating (W)   –

Weight (kg)                                                        10,7

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)      705 x 320 x 435

Voltage V                                                            240

Additional information

Weight 10.3 kg
Dimensions 435 x 665 x 320 mm