Kleenex 4440 Compact Paper Hand Towels

$81.95 inc GST

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  • One pack of Kleenex® compact hand towels contains 90 towels, one case contains 24 packs
  • Each towel is made using the highly absorbent and quick drying Airflex technology
  • Only one towel is dispensed at a time; minimising contamination and waste
  • These premium towels provide superior strength and softness for a comfortable user experience
  • Kleenex® compact hand towels are ideal for tight spaces where traditional towel dispensers cannot fit
  • Compatible Dispenser: 70240, 4969, 4970

Kleenex® compact hand towels are designed with smaller washrooms in mind. These compact hand towels, and their corresponding dispensers, are ideal for tight spaces where traditional towel dispensers cannot fit. These high capacity hand towels are quick and easy to refill, minimising maintenance time and the risk of run outs. Dispensing one towel at a time enables a hygienic experience whilst also reducing waste and cost. Each towel is manufactured with the unique Airflex technology, ensuring high quality absorbency and strength with every use. With superior strength and an ultra-soft texture, these compact towels provide a premium experience for the user.

Made in Australia using sustainably sourced FSC certified materials, Kleenex® compact towels are an environmentally friendly addition to your washroom.

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