Moerman Aquafill Bucket Hose

$22.00 inc GST

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  • Easily fill your bucket with tap water that is not easy to reach
  • Clips on to any standard tap fitting
  • Clips on to bucket to stay in place
  • The flexible hose provides excellent reach
  • Elastic tap strap
  • Tube: 1,8m
  • Diameter opening: 3cm
  • Diameter hose: 2cm

Introducing the Moerman Aquafill. Take the pain out of lifting heavy buckets of water down from sinks or how about the pain of not being able to fit your bucket under certain taps. Clips on to any standard tap fitting. The flexible hose makes bucket filling easy.

Made for professional window cleaners, this hose makes an excellent addition to any cleaners kit to take some of the strain away from your day.

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