Our Brand Neutral Floor Cleaner

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  • For domestic or commercial use
  • No glycol ethers, no hydrocarbons
  • Low foam formulation – ideal for machine application
  • Bio-degradable and phosphate free
  • Loaded with natural orange oil
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Orange scented
  • Ideal for polished floors

Our Brand Neutral Floor Cleaner is a proprietary blend of specialised low foaming surfactants, water softening agents, anti -redeposition agents and natural orange oil as solvent booster and
grease cutter.

It has been specially developed for use in floor scrubbing machines and manual floor washing operations on floors which have been sealed and polished with polymer based

Carefully selected cleaning agents, combined with a buffered and neutral pH, ensure polished floors can be maintained without excessive loss of coating.

Our Brand Neutral Floor Cleaner can be utilised as a multi-purpose detergent for cleaning of walls, bench tops, kitchen surfaces etc

Directions for Use:
Floor Washing – 1 part Rave to 50 parts water (200ml per 10 Litres water).
Floor Washing Light Duty – 1 part Rave to 200 parts water (50mL per 10L water).
Floor Scrubbing Machines – Charge dose directly into detergent holding tank and top up with water.
General Cleaning – Rave is a multi-purpose detergent well suited to a number of general cleaning applications. Dilute 1 part product with 50 to 100 parts water (10-20ml Rave diluted to 1 litre with water). Apply by spray or cloth, then wipe down with a cloth or rinse with water.

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