Pacvac Replacement Dome Lid 270mm

$35.00 inc GST


  • Pacvac approved, genuine spare part
  • Clear, durable plastic
  • Unique offset inlet design

The Pacvac Replacement Dome Lid is uniquely designed offset inlet and clear dome lid create a cyclonic effect to help lift the dust from the bottom of the dust bag to maintain maximum airflow. The lid has been manufactured from clear, durable plastic which enables operators to easily see when the dust bag is full and needs emptying or replacing. The lid has been designed to enable simple rotation to suit either left or right handed operators.

Suited to the following machines:

Polypro 400

Superpro 700

Superpro battery 700

Superpro duo 700

Superpro micron 700

Superpro trans 700

Superpro wispa 700

Thrift 650

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 120 mm

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