Pacvac Turbo Head Floor Tool 32mm

$35.00 inc GST


  • Pacvac approved, genuine spare part
  • Turbo head floor tool
  • 32mm connection
  • 280mm wide
  • Part No: FLT007

This Pacvac Turbo Head Floor Tool is a light, non-powered unit which utilises the suction and airflow of the vacuum cleaner to spin the bristles, agitating dirt and debris to achieve better pick up and a deeper carpet clean.

Suited to the following products:

Glide 300

Glide 300 wispa

Hydropro 21

Superpro 700

Superpro battery 700

Superpro micron 700

Superpro trans 700

Superpro wispa 700

Thrift 650

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