Pacvac Wessel All Purpose Floor Tool 32mm

$29.95 inc GST


  • Pacvac approved, genuine spare part
  • All purpose floor tool
  • 32mm
  • 285mm wide
  • Pacvac – FLT001

The Pacvac Wessel All Purpose Floor Tool has been designed for use on both low pile carpeted surfaces, as well as on hard floors. Its low profile design and high quality, lightweight construction allows for easy manoeuvring and access around obstacles for a thorough clean. Suited for use with any 32mm vacuum wand.

Suited to the following machines:

Glide 300

Glide 300 wispa

Hydropro 21

Superpro 700

Superpro battery 700

Superpro duo 700

Superpro micron 700

Superpro trans 700

Superpro wispa 700

Thrift 650

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