Pullman PV900 Advance Commander Backpack Vacuum

$345.00 inc GST

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  • European-made Domel motor for superior suction
  • World-first Comfort System
  • Includes long 18m detachable power cord
  • 2 year commercial warranty
  • Patented Anti-Vibration Absorbers
  • Patented Active Air Ventilation System
  • Patented Blower port to transform your vacuum into a powerful blower
  • Huge 4.5L dust bag capacity with new Vortex filter chamber for maximum pickup with minimum maintenance!
  • Includes 1 x cloth vacuum bag and 5 x paper vacuum bags to get you started
  • Flexible cord restraint to prevent damage to machine during cleaning
  • Professional Grade HEPA13 exhaust filter to ensure clean air output
  • Dual speed performance includes both Eco and Turbo modes – Engineered especially for commercial cleaners!

The Pullman PV900 Advance Commander PV900 is a carefully designed backpack vacuum cleaner that is extremely comfortable to wear and has exceptional cleaning power. The Comfort System is height-adjustable to suit all user heights, and is designed to be worn comfortably for long periods of time. To make the user experience even better, this model features patented Anti-Vibration Absorbers to prevent motor vibrations passing through to the user, and it also has a patented Active Air Ventilation System which removes hot air away from your back during use.

Powered by a Domel high-efficiency motor, the Commander PV900 is designed for superior suction and includes a 35mm Enhanced Air Flow System to maximise pickup on all floor surfaces. This backpack vacuum features a large 4.5L dust bag capacity, uses a new patented Vortex filter chamber so you can clean for longer without cleaning the filter and weighs 5.5kg. To get you started, this model includes 1 x cloth vacuum bag and 5 x paper vacuum bags in the carton.

Also included is a long 18m  detachable extension cord, with a patented flexible cord restraint system to prevent damage to the machine. The Pullman Advance Commander PV900 is a high-performance backpack vacuum that is exceptionally comfortable to wear.

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