Research Bedrock Water Based Sealer 5 Litres

$69.00 inc GST


  • Assists to level out undulating floor surfaces
  • Provides a barrier that resists stains, water and detergent spills
  • Improves wearability and life of top coat
  • Ready to use
  • pH: 8.5 – 9.5

Research Bedrock Water Based Sealer for vinyl, terrazzo and stone surfaces. The smaller particle size of the polymer will penetrate deep into the surface and bonds to the surface for greater adhesion of the top coat. Also Bedrock will provide increased wear and chemical resistance.

Directions for use: 

Floor Preparation: Strip off old sealers or finishes with Steamroller II, Meltdown or Sledgehammer as directed. Rinse well with warm water and allow it to dry. Dust mop entire area.

Application:  Apply a thin even coat of Bedrock using an Oates Poly-cotton mop or a Nylon Polish Spreader. Allow coating time to completely dry (approximately 45 minutes). Apply a second coat (if necessary) or apply the chosen floor finish (2 or 3 coats) after Bedrock is dried.Do not buff Bedrock or leave it as a finishing coat – it is a non-buffable sealer.

Bedrock Product Information


Bedrock SDS


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