Research Crusader Cleaner Sanitiser

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  • Presence of a quaternary ammonium compound
  • Superior cleaning action
  • Destroys the source of odours while many other products just mask odours
  • Cuts cleaning inventory as one product does it all
  • Odourless and suitable for use in food preparation areas when rinsed
  • Approved for use in Export Registered Meat Establishments (formally known as AQIS)
  • pH: 11.50 – 12.50

Research Crusader is a high performance disinfectant cleaner for use where an anti-microbial action is required. Has medium alkalinity and is also butyl solvent free. A complete cleaner capable of removing soil, dirt and grime from multiple surfaces including floors, walls and tables (including painted surfaces) located in wet areas, kitchens and garbage or waste disposal areas.

Food preparation areas: Apply to surface with a damp cloth, agitate and thoroughly rinse with potable water. 1 to 25 parts water

Heavy duty cleaning:  To remove soil, soap scum, body fats, and mould and urine deposits from showers, toilet floors and urine surrounds.
Mopping of greasy and heavily soil surfaces. 1 to 25 parts water

Damp mopping: For damp mopping unsealed vinyl floors, ceramic and quarry tiles,
Terrazzo and slate. 1 to 100 parts water.

Light cleaning: For automatic scrubbing in shopping malls, cleaning high sheen surfaces like terrazzo and ceramic tiles. 1 to 200 parts water

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