Research Dazzler Timber Floor Sealer 5 Litres

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  • Ready to use
  • Easy to lay and maintain
  • Suitable for use with both regular speed and UHS equipment
  • Excellent scuff, black heel mark and wear resistance
  • Perfect for floors that are repeatedly buffed

Research Dazzler is a polyurethane fortified sealer finish for timber and cork floors. Long wearing tough finish. To be used on heavy traffic areas in shopping malls, dance floors, hospitals, Nursing homes, office buildings and supermarkets.

Directions for use:

Strip off old seals or finishes with Meltdown as directed. If stripping is not required cut back the floor with Supastar as directed. Bedrock may be used as a pre sealer if the floor is highly porous.

Apply 3-4 coats of Dazzler using an Oates lint free poly cotton mop or a polish applicator

Allow 30-45 mins between coats or until it is completely dry.

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Dazzler SDS


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