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THE FIRBRESOFT SYSTEM – Safe, high performance cleaning system developed to help prevent common cleaning issues such as colour change, bleeding and shrinkage. This is the world’s first, totally integrated cleaning system for upholstery and may be used successfully in the automotive, marine, domestic and commercial cleaning of fabrics. Upholstery cleaning tools and equipment require are: carpet extraction machine fitted with variable pressure adjustment and valet upholstery tool, soft nylon brush, stainless steel carding brush for velvets, waterproof drop sheet and a carpet dryer or hair dryer.

  • When the Pre-spray and Rinse come together, a mild antiseptic softener bonds onto the fibre leaving them soft, fluffy and standing straight
  • Anti-static additive reduces static cling associated with wool blends and man made fibres
  • Built in deodorant permanently bonds to fibres leaving them smelling cleaner for longer
  • Pre-spray contains a high level of grease cutting emulsifiers that outperform solvent cleaners
  • Unique water soluble polymer holds soilage in suspension and prevents re-deposition until the rinse cycle is complete
  • Safer to use than solvent cleaners and dries in the same amount of time

FIBRESOFT PRESPRAY – PART ONE of the two part FIBRESOFT SYSTEM for cleaning Indian cotton and all sensitive and non-sensitive fibres. Gives brilliant lift to colours and whites when presprayed. Fast drying. Must be used with FIBRESOFT RINSE in tank. Ensure good upholstery cleaning practices should are followed at all times; first use a waterproof ground sheet under item to be cleaned. Pre-spray surface, leave to activate and then test wipe an area with white towelling to check for colour transfer. If there is no colour transfer evident, continue to pre-spray the remainder of the soiled surface. pH: 9.5

FIBRESOFT RINSE – PART TWO Added to the rinse tank to deodorise, soften and lower pH on the fibre. Unique chemical reaction bonds softener permanently. Use an upholstery cleaning machine, fitted with a hot air dryer or use your carpet dryer or hairdryer to direct air over the upholstery whilst you are cleaning. If these are not available to you, clean in a well ventilated are (take upholstery to a shaded outdoor area if necessary) and do not clean risky fibres such as Indian Cotton on wet days. Some fabrics may be affected by sunlight. If cleaning upholstery to be sure of even light. pH: 4.0 – 5.0

NOTE: Before use, dilute as per the product label. Before use, wear impervious chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses with side shields.




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