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  • Excellent scuff, black heel mark and wear resistance
  • Good gloss retention and less frequent need to buff, burnish and recoat
  • Superior resistance against dirt pick up
  • Use the Filmstar maintenance program to help meet AS/NZ Standards for slip resistance
  • Low ammonia odour
  • pH: 8.5 – 9.5

Research Filmstar is designed to be used on the widest range of indoor floor surfaces. This is achieved by its excellent adhesion that is enhanced by two base sealers suitable for porous stone, concrete, vinyl tiles, terrazzo, terrazzite architectural terrazzo and pavers. Even porous ceramic tiles can be coated with this system. Filmstar provides a high traction finish in wet or dry conditions with incredible wearability and gloss. Use over Bedrock on supermarket floors and Blockade on stone/terrazzo surfaces.

Directions for use:

Floor Preparation 1. Strip off old sealer or finishes with Steamroller II, Meltdown or Sledgehammer as directed. Areas where a base coat (Bedrock or Blockade) have been used, strip the floor
using Steamroller II.
2. If stripping is not required, cut back the floor with Supastar as directed using an scrubbing pad.

Finish Application 1. Bedrock may be used as a pre-sealer if the floor is highly porous.
2. Apply three to four coats of Filmstar using an Oates poly-cotton mop or nylon polish spreader. Number of coats may depend on the final appearance customer is after.
3. Allow 30-45 mins between coats or until it is completely dry.

Maintenance 1. A good floor maintenance program will extend the life of your floor finish and extend the time between stripping and resealing.
2. Dust mop daily to remove sand and grit tracked over the floor, and where possible use carpet matting in entrance ways.
3. Mop or auto scrub daily using Supastar as directed. Dry burnish or spray buff using Shiner

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