Research Neutraclean Polished Floor Cleaner

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  • Low foaming formulation ideal for automatic equipment
  • Cuts through greasy, soils spillages and dislodges black heel marks
  • Leaves no residue which helps to prevent re-soiling and maintain a shiny floor
  • When used regularly, floors maintain gloss and requires less frequent stripping
  • pH: 4.0 – 5.0

Research Neutraclean is an excellent product for general cleaning of polished floors, vinyl and is the preferred maintenance cleaner terrazzo and ceramic tiles to maintain slip resistance. In addition to general cleaning this product was developed specifically for cleaning prior to glazing at between 1000 – 2000 RPM. Also suitable for manual cleaning.

Manual Cleaning: 1. Dilute Neutraclean according to soil level. Hot or cold water can be used. 2. Mop over surface and rinse with clean water.
Auto scrubber: 1. Fill the scrubber solution tank with required volume of water followed by
recommended volume of Neutraclean. 2. Set the pad down on the floor, drop the squeegee, turn on the vacuum, and proceed to scrub the floor.
3. If trails are left behind, damp mop these areas to remove the excess water before it dries. 4. Select the appropriate floor pad. On vinyl – white, coral or red pad. On terrazzo – white or coral pad.

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