Research Power Gel Heavy Duty Chlorinated Detergent

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  • Thickened formula clings to vertical surfaces
  • Leaves a fresh alpine scent
  • Removes soap scum and body fat
  • pH: 14

Research Power Gel is a heavy duty chlorinated stain and mould remover that also deodorises. Formulated to remove rust and other stains from porcelain and ceramic tiles it also removes soap scum, body fats and mould from most hard surfaces. It is not suitable for use on aluminium or brass.

Directions for use:

General cleaning:
1. Apply directly to surface, agitate and leave for approximately 1 minute.
2. Thoroughly rinse surface with fresh water.
Use neat – undiluted

Shower screens, tiles & toilets:
1. Squirt and spread solution over the entire surface, leave for 5 minutes.
2. Lightly agitate before rinsing with fresh water.
Use neat – undiluted

Floor cleaning:
1. Make the dilution as directed.
2. Mop or scrub over the entire surface
3. Rinse with fresh water.
Dilute 1 to 50 parts water

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