Research Shiner Floor Restorer

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  • Removes marks, soil and eliminates minor scratches without affecting the floor finish
  • Adds life to floor finish, extending the stripping cycle and reducing maintenance
  • Stops surfaces powdering and improves anti-slip characteristics
  • pH: 8.00-9.00

Research Shiner Floor Restorer is a premium industrial product that leaves behind a polymer film restoring gloss depth when buffed. Can be mopped manually or maintained with auto scrubber or spray buffers. It will build a wet look gloss when actuated by standard or ultra high speed (UHS) polishing machinery. Can be used on all types of floor and is especially effective on unsealed slate, quarry tiles, marble and rubber.

Directions for use:

Damp mop: 1. Dilute Shiner as directed.2. Mop over surface and then buff with Oates Floormaster Tan buffing pad. 1 to 80 parts water

Auto scrubbing: 1. Fill the solution tank with required volume of water followed by recommended volume of Shiner. 2. Set the pad down on the floor and run the machine over the floor. For high
sheen surface – use Oates Floormaster Tan or White pads.
Please Note: If floor looks streaky after scrubbing, it is improperly sealed or solution strength is too high. 1 to 100 parts water

Spray buffing: 1. Dilute Shiner as directed. 2. Spray using a trigger spray and buff the floor with Oates Floormaster Red spray buff pad.
3. Spray buffing with Shiner will heal minor scratches and remove most marks.
Normal soil: 1 to 15 parts water. Heavy soil: 1 to 10 parts water

Please Note: 15L are now discontinued

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