Research Spitfire Advanced Carpet/Upholstery Pretreatment

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  • Safe for use on wool fibres
  • Superior performance and fast drying
  • Free rinsing, non-sticky formula ensures carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer
  • Non-irritant spicy aroma removes unpleasant odours
  • Self-neutralising formula meets AS/NZS 3733 standard
  • Extremely economical highly concentrated formulation
  • pH: 8.5 – 9.5

Research Spitfire Advanced is a pre-spray treatment suitable for use on regular and new low profile style carpets and upholstery to remove greasy, stubborn stains. Suitable for wool, wool blend and olefin and satin treated nylon fibre carpets. Spitfire Advanced rinses freely and allows more dirt and greasy soil to be removed leaving it fresh and brilliantly clean.

Directions for use:

Upholstery:1. Prepare the diluted solution as directed.2. Apply with a trigger spray.3. Extract with hot water.

Pre-spray Carpets: 1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly and move furniture or place foil under legs.
2. Dilute Spitfire Advanced as directed. The product can be used with warm or hot water (65-90 degrees). Hot water will help improve oily soil removal.
3. Pre-test before use. Apply the diluted solution in an inconspicuous area and cover with a clean white towel. Leave for 5 mins and check the towel for colour transfer. If no colour transfers proceed with cleaning.
4. Pre-spray the carpet to be cleaned paying special attention to high traffic or heavily soiled areas. DO NOT saturate carpet. Make sure carpet is consistently wet.
5. Allow pre-spray to remain on the carpet for 3–5 minutes. Always work on a manageable area and DO NOT let pre-spray dry before extracting.
6. Extract the carpet with clean water and leave to dry.

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