Research Twice The Spice Cleaner/Deodouriser

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  • Presence of a quaternary ammonium compound
  • Deodorises the surface leaving a Jamaican spice fragrance
  • Contains a synthetic booster and texture to ensure scent remains after cleaning
  • Removes tough dirt and grime yet is suitable for use on delicate surfaces
  • Does not leave behind a slippery residue
  • pH: 6.0 – 7.0

Research Twice the Spice is a double the strength, high performance cleaner and deodoriser perfect for use in the home, office, shopping centres and institutional establishments like hospitals. While ideal for cleaning heavy soil in toilets and washrooms, other specific cleaning application include floors, walls and desks. Surfaces will be left clean with a lasting air freshening effect. Suitable for application by spray and wipe, mop or auto-scrubber.

Directions for use: 

Spray & wipe: 1. Make the dilution as directed.
2. Apply by trigger spray and wipe over surface with a clean microfibre cloth. 1 to 40 parts of water

Mop & bucket: 1. Make the dilution as directed.
2. Mop over the surface. 1 to 80 parts of water

Auto scrubbing 1. Fill the scrubber solution tank then add the required amount of Twice the Spice
2. Set the pad down on the floor, drop the squeegee, turn on the vacuum, and proceed with scrubbing.
3. If trails are left behind, damp mop them to remove the excess water before it dries. 1 to 120 parts of water

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