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Quick action carpet spot and stain remover suitable for use on carpets and upholstery. Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and households to tackle a wide spectrum of stains including grease and oils, protein based stains such as gravy, eggs, milk and blood, and some tannin, tea and coffee based stains.

  • Safe for use on wool fibres.
  • New formula pH neutral spotter with Fluorcarbon soil repellent built in. Will not damage carpet fibres
  • No wicking of stains, all fibre safe
  • Removes a wide range of stains reducing cleaning inventory
  • Includes a protective stain blocker enduring stains are less prone to reoccur
  • Removes odours from food spills
  • Brilliant results
  • Ready to use formula
  • pH: 7.0 – 8.0

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