Sabco Grime Trapper Roll

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  • 15cm pre-cut double-sided
  • 9 meters long
  • Ideal for use on furniture by hand or on floors with dusting tools
  • Works on vertical surfaces like doors and walls
  • Works on wet surfaces and floors
  • Picks up 5 times more dust, dirt and hair than traditional dusting cloths
  • Lower friction for better glide and reduced need for force

Sabco Grime Trapper Roll. Disposable pads with a special adhesion treatment which picks up 5 times more dust, dirt & hair than traditional dusting cloths or mops. easy to use with hand and with existing dusting tools: dusters, velcro base, dusting base.

Ideal for any type of floor in different environments: healthcare, accommodation, education, offices and large retail areas.

These can be used handheld or laid flat under your flat mop or broom. The slightly tacky surface not only attracts the dust but helps adhere to your cleaning tool without slipping.

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