Scott 4455 Optimum Paper Hand Towels

$86.25 inc GST


  • One pack of Scott® optimum hand towels contains 150 towels and one case contains 16 packs
  • Each towel is made using the highly absorbent and quick drying Airflex technology
  • Optimum sized paper towels for effective single sheet hand drying
  • These great value towels do not compromise on a quality hand drying experience
  • Each FSC certified towel contains a sustainable mix of recycled and FSC fibres
  • Compatible Dispenser: 70250, 4950, 4944

Scott 4455 optimum hand towels have been carefully designed as the optimum size to effectively dry hands using just one sheet. Dispensing one towel at a time enables a hygienic experience whilst also reducing waste and cost. These high capacity hand towels are quick and easy to refill, minimising maintenance time and reducing the risk of run outs. Scott® optimum hand towels provide great value without compromising on quality.

Each towel is manufactured with unique Airflex technology, ensuring high absorbency and an efficient hand drying performance with every use. Made in Australia using a sustainable mix of recycled and FSC virgin fibre, Scott® optimum hand towels are an environmentally friendly addition to your washroom. They are suitable for use in workplace toilets, washrooms, lunchrooms and kitchens.

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