Sorbo Tricket with Squeegee

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  • Stainless steel vertical blind and louvred window cleaner
  • Adjustable depth to cover all types of glass thickness

The Sorbo Tricket is the most efficient way to clean louvred windows, vertical blinds, glass shelves and wooden shutters. Simply scrub with the Tricket double washer then squeegee off with the Tricket double squeegee. Each tool works both sides at the same time. Squeegee blades and washers are replaceable.

For Vertical Blinds: With the sponge pads, start at the top of the blind and move down. Release pressure when moving up to prevent the blind from coming off the hook.

For louvred windows: Wash with the sponge pads, back and forth, until dirt is dissolved. With the squeegee blades, start from the right and move in one single stroke across to the other side. Do not press too hard. If necessary to repeat with the squeegee, be sure to wet each time. For best results, use one stroke, without stopping.

Adjustment for thickness of glass:

1. Loosen the wingnut.

2. Place the squeegee on each side of surface to be cleaned.

3. Grasp the squeegee blade between the thumb and forefinger and press together.

4. Tighten the wingnut and you have the right adjustment.


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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 260 × 140 × 20 mm

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