Tasman Freedom RTU Sanitiser

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  • Suitable for use in kitchens and food preparation areas
  • Available in 750ml Ready to use Spray bottle and 5 Litre bulk
  • Superior¬†disinfectant performance
  • No Rinse Sanitiser
  • Biocidal

Tasman Freedom RTU Sanitiser, when used on a pre-cleaned surface, will sanitise all hard surface food preparation surfaces such as benches, trolleys, trays, crockery, fittings and equipment.

Freedom RTU is specifically used as the final rinse sanitiser at the end of the standard wash program.

Directions for use:

Freedom RTU (Ready To Use) should be used as received. At this prepared concentration, it has F.D.A. clearance. Sanitise without the requirement of a potable water rinse.

Freedom RTU can be applied by spraying, fogging or mopping onto the required surface.

Freedom is suitable for use in kitchens and food preparation areas

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