Tasman Greasol HD Kitchen Degreaser

$29.50 inc GST


  • Effective in hard and soft water
  • Particularly effective in the removal of heavy soil deposits found in kitchen and food plants.
  • Free rinsing to ensure a nonslip finish.A.Q.I.S. approved
  • Economical fast spray-on, wipe-off application
  • Versatile in use as manual, spray or mechanical applications are able to be used.
  • 5 Litres

Tasman Greasol is a straw coloured heavy duty liquid detergent. Greasol is a blend of non-ionic surfactants, solvents, glycolether, inorganic water conditioning agents and soil anti-deposition agents. Greasol has been formulated to quickly remove grease, fat, dirt, protein and oil from a variety of surfaces. Greasol is particularly effective on food plants and kitchens when used
as directed. Greasol is A.Q.I.S. approved for use in food plants.

Directions for use:

For heavy duty cleaning, use at a concentration of 15-25 ml/litre (1 cup per bucket in hot water).  Use with a mop, brush, sponge or spray. Wear gloves if using the product for manual cleaning. If deposits are heavy allow solution to penetrate for 5 minutes but do not allow to
dry. Rinse well with warm water

Greasol SDS


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