Tasman Heritage Penetrating Sealer

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  • Retains the natural look of the surface
  • Helps to prevent staining
  • For tiles, slate, terracotta, stone, brick and concrete.

Tasman Heritage finish is a clear light buff coloured solution designed for application to a wide variety of porous surfaces in order to protect those surfaces from soiling and staining.
Heritage finish does not markedly change the appearance of the surface being treated.

Suitable for commercial and domestic areas on the following surfaces:
Unglazed tiles & quarry tiles
The product can also be used both internally and externally and is not subject to change in appearance and will not exhibit yellowing characteristics.

Directions for use:
Ensure that the surface to be sealed is completely clean and dry. Any stains and soiling present on the surface should be removed using a suitable detergent prior to sealing.
Apply the product neat using a paint brush and coat the entire area to be treated.
We recommend that two coats of the product be applied to most surfaces allowing 6 hours between applications. On very porous surfaces 3 coats may be necessary.
Allow 24 hours for product to cure before allowing full use of the treated area.
Re-application of heritage finish may be necessary after a period of time dependent upon wear and tear.
One litre will cover approximately 15-25m² dependent on porosity of the surface being treated.

Note 1. As there are wide variations of surfaces and application procedures it is recommended that a small area is patch tested.
2. Heritage finish should not be used to re-coat any surface that has been previously treated with other sealers.
3. In order to gain maximum benefit from the use of heritage finish, it is recommended that all soiling materials be removed from treated floors as soon as possible after a spill.

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