Tasman Multi Strip Floor Sealer Remover

$139.00 inc GST


  • Low Odour
  • Safe to use in confined areas
  • Fast Acting
  • Removes all sealer residues in one application low
  • Contains non-hazardous solvents
  • Free Rinsing
  • Multi-Functional – Works on all types of sealers and surfaces
  • 5 Litres

Tasman Multi Strip is a dark brown liquid with a mild citrus odour. It is based on a blend of low odour, low toxicity solvents, which combined with a unique activating agent, effectively removes floor sealers quickly with a minimum of risk to the operator.
Multi Strip was developed to effectively remove water and solvent based sealers from various types of floor surfaces. These include slate, terracotta, concrete, stone and Quarry Tiles.

Directions for use:
I. In order to determine whether Multi Strip will completely remove the sealer from your floor, a test area of one or two tiles should be attempted before stripping your entire floor.
Ii. Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves.
Iii. Work in areas of two square metres at a time.
Iv. Apply to a dry surface using a brush or roller. Allow 20-30 minutes contact time. Agitate surfaces with a scouring pad before hosing or mopping off. Repeat if necessary if stubborn residues of sealer are still present

This product is classed as Dangerous Goods for transportation. Charges Apply

Multi Strip SDS


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