Tasman Paver and Concrete Sealer

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  • Good resistance to abrasion, water, detergents, alkalis and oil-based stains.
  • Excellent adhesion to lightly soiled concrete, masonry and paving tiles.
  • No stripping required just reseal surface.

Tasman Paver and Concrete seal gloss or satin is a clear solvent based acrylic sealer. It has been UV stabilised to ensure your concrete floor has the best possible protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Tasman Paver and Concrete seal is suitable for concrete, quarry tiles, paving bricks and masonry tiles.
Tasman concrete seal will prevent staining and allow low-cost maintenance with no stripping ever. To reseal or touch-up, simply cover the worn area as needed.
Note: newly laid areas need approximately 4-6 weeks to allow the mortar to cure and dry prior to Sealing (depending on weather conditions).

Directions for use
Warning: ensure good ventilation to dispense solvent vapours. Keep away from naked flames, etc.
1. Surface to be sealed must be thoroughly clean and dry – free of grease, oil, paint, acid,
Efflorescence, loose flakes. Any stains, soil and cement present on the surface should
Be removed prior to sealing using lift off and Tile Kleen as per instructions.
2. Prior to sealing allow cleaned area to dry for at least 24 hours (depending on weather Conditions).
3. Do not seal hot surfaces – all surfaces must be cool.
4. Tasman concrete seal is applied neat using a clean paintbrush or lambswool applicator. If using a roller, ensure air bubbles are not induced in the wet film, which may remain after the seal has dried. To avoid the collection of puddle work in small areas applying two generous coats of Tasman concrete seal allowing not less than 4 hours between coats.
5. Full curing will take up to 24 hours and traffic should be restricted as much as possible during this time. However, surfaces may be lightly walked upon after 2 hours.
6. Reapply Tasman concrete seal every 12-24 months depending on traffic and soiling.
7. Brushes may be cleaned in Tasman slate seal solvent or softened by soaking in Tasman concrete seal 10-15 minutes prior to use.


Coverage: 1 litre will cover approximately 6-8 metres with two coats.

This product is classed as Dangerous Goods for transportation. Charges apply. 

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Paver and Concrete Sealer SDS