Tasman Stone Shield Penetrating Sealer

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  • Penetrating, invisible sealer.
  • Retains original look of the surface.
  • Contains a blend of broad-spectrum soil resisting agents.
  • Protects against all water and oil-based stains, eg coffee, wine, sauces, cooking oil, etc.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Excellent water retarding properties during heavy rain conditions. Non-slip even when wet.
  • Contains a mildewcide and algaecide.
  • Contains UV stabilisers. Will not discolour on ageing.

Tasman Stone Shield is a clear pale amber liquid based on a blend of acrylic resins. Stone Shield is suitable for a wide range of surfaces where a penetrating invisible sealer is required.
Stone Shield can be used both internally and externally, especially around wet areas such as swimming pools. It does not change the appearance of the surface, nor will it exhibit yellowing characteristics. Typical surfaces stone shield can be used on include the following:
Quarry tiles

Directions for use
1. The surface to be sealed must be completely clean and dry – free from grease, oil, paint, acid, efflorescence and traces of grout.
2. Newly laid areas need 7 – 10 days to allow mortar and grout to cure and dry prior to sealing.
3. Any stains and soiling on the tiles must be removed prior to sealing using a suitable detergent.
4. Allow the tiles to dry thoroughly prior to sealing by leaving for at least 24 hours after cleaning and washing.
5. Do not seal hot surfaces – all surfaces must be cool.
6. Stone Shield is applied neat and using a clean paint brush coat the entire surface to be treated and allow to dry. Apply a second coat after another four hours.
7. Allow 24 hours for the product to fully cure before allowing the full use of the treated area.
8. Re-application of Stone Shield may be necessary after a period of time dependent upon wear and tear

Coverage One litre will cover approximately 15-25m² dependent on the porosity of the surface being treated.

This item is classed as Dangerous Goods for transport. Charges apply. 

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