Tasman Super Red General Purpose Cleaner

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  • Non flammable water based degreaser
  • Safer alternative to petroleum solvent types.
  • Harmless to painted surfaces, plastic and vinyl
  • Can be used on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Free rinsing
  • Leaves a shiny streak free surface.
  • Multi purpose degreaser
  • Can be diluted with water or solvents.
  • AQIS approved
  • Approval for use in all food processing establishments.

Tasman Super Red is a heavy duty industrial foaming detergent formulated for the removal of fat, grease, soil, dirt, animal and vegetable oils, carbon and most industrial soils. Super Red is a
clear red liquid and contains non-ionic and anionic surfactants as well as special degreasing additives.


1. Hard surfaces – Super Red can be used for upholstery and hard surfaces.
2. Kitchens – Dissolves all cooking oils and baked-on grime and is harmless to all surfaces and is free-rinsing. For degreasing around stoves and hot plates.
3. Floors – For mopping of kitchen floors as well as maintenance of all floors where grime and dirt are a problem.
4. Bathrooms – For the removal of body fats and build-up from bathroom areas.
5. Pressure cleaners – For use in Gerni Jet and all types of pressure washers. Super Red removes a variety of soils at low dilutions and provides good foam for cleaning vertical surfaces.
6. Vehicles – including motor cycles, tractors and trucks for under bonnet as well as exterior and interior surfaces.
7. Boats – An excellent deck cleaner and engine room degreaser.

Directions for use:

1. For lightly soiled engines spray or brush Super Red full strength, leave for ten minutes then simply hose off.
2. As a spray-and-wipe cleaner for upholstery and hard surfaces, dilute 1:10 Super Red with water and use in an atomiser.
3. In pressure washers dilute in reservoir so that a 1:100 solution of Super Red is provided at the nozzle.
4. For degreasing around stoves and hot plates use Super Red 1:3 with water.
5. For mopping of kitchen floors of fat and oil deposits use ½ to ¾ of a cup of Super Red to a bucket of water.
6. As a degreaser use 1 part Super Red with 5 to 10 parts of kerosene.
7. As a vehicle washing compound mix ½ a cup of Super Red to a bucket of water.

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