Unger HiFlo nLite Complete Hybrid Starter Kit

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  • HiFlo™ nLite Master Pole Hybrid
  • HiFlo™ nLite Rectangular Brush 27cm
  • HiFlo™ Angle adapter, adjustable
  • HiFlo™ nLite Set of fan jets
  • HiFlo™ nLite Set of pencil jets
  • HiFlo™ nLite Hose 11m
  • DI 225 System with Trolley

Unger HiFlo DI225 System. Plug-and-Play de-ionized water system for spot-free cleaning results. Plug-and-Play: Just attach the water hose and pole system, turn on and start cleaning. Easy-to-Read: Battery operated TDS meter monitors the water quality. Robust: wheeled cart makes moving and using the system strain-free. DI Filter 9L, 2.250L Capacity (9L resin & 2.25L water)



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