Wagtail Wave Water Fed Combination Tool

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  • Overhead Rinse Bar
  • Free Action Double Pivot
  • Constant pressure against the glass
  • Various sizes available

The Wagtail Wave is the latest water fed cleaning tool from Wagtail.
Clean faster and more effective with The Wave, a Multi jet pivoting cleaning tool that combines an abrasive microfibre pad as well as a squeegee blade. Three tools in one!

The Free action double pivot works particularly well with this tool. The ergonomic action means that awkward positions, strained backs and aching muscles take a back seat. The Wave does all the hard work. Whether you are cleaning windows 4 stories high or at knee height, the wave maintains constant pressure against the glass.

Modern hydrophobic glass is designed so that water forms droplets on its surface, making the window extremely difficult to clean. The wave produces a wave of water, sweeping away  dirt and grime before the droplets have a chance to form.


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15"/37cm, 18"/45cm, 30"/75cm

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