White Magic Eco Cloth Coffee Machine

$15.95 inc GST


  • 2 Pack
  • Cleans and absorbs
  • Antibacterial
  • Used and Recommend by baristas
  • Size 32cm x 32cm

White Magic Eco Cloth Coffee Machine 2 pack of cloths for wiping and polishing all surfaces on a coffee machine. Double sided. One side is super absorbent, the other leaves surface streak free.

The Coffee cloth is super absorbent for spills and is made with Nano-Silver that inhibits bacteria growth in the cloth.

Protects hands when grabbing hot surfaces

The polishing cloth dries and cleans shiny surfaces streak free. It can be used for any surfaces but it is perfect for any type of Coffee Machine: Expresso, POD, FIlter and Stovetops.


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