White Magic Eco Cloth Oven Cooktop

$10.95 inc GST


  • Environmentally¬†friendly
  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • Removes stubborn grease and grime
  • Machine Washable
  • Bacteria and odour inhibiting

White Magic Eco Cloth Oven Cooktop. The most aggressive eco cloth for scrubbing ovens and cooktops. The aggressive side is made from a polyester film which will scrub but will not scratch delicate surfaces. The smooth side is for finishing the job by picking up loosen grime and polishing.

Double stitched reinforced edging. Machine washable up to 500 times.

Anti-bacterial and odour inhibiting material.

Chemical-free cleaning. Just use water for a deep clean.

White Magic is a proud supporter of Asthma Australia.

Size : 32 x 32cm

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