Whiteley Applebright Dish Washing Liquid

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  • Concentrated formula
  • Pleasant apple perfume
  • pH neutral & solvent free
  • Leaves dishes squeaky clean

Whiteley Applebright is a pH neutral manual dish washing detergent. Applebright is excellent for use in hard and soft water. It combines the rapid cleaning of all common food soils with stable suds and tremendous fat emulsification properties. Applebright is a concentrated formula which leaves dishes ultra shiny.

It quickly cuts through grease, fat, eggs, gravies and other food residues. It works well in hot or cold water. Each wash cleans more dishes, holds suds for longer, works efficiently and rinses better. Applebright is very economical – very little is needed to do an efficient cleaning operation.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 320 × 190 × 140 mm

Whiteley Applebright Technical Bulletin


Whiteley Applebright SDS


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