Whiteley Encapsul8 Carpet Shampoo

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  • Excellent detergency on greasy and heavily soiled carpets
  • Keeps carpets cleaner for longer
  • Outstanding stain removal
  • Safe for use on most carpet fibres

Whiteley Encapsul8 Carpet Shampoo is a global leading, patent pending, encapsulating carpet shampoo that uses advanced polymer technology to encase soil on carpet fibres. As it dries the polymer becomes brittle thus allowing it to fracture from the fibre surface and be removed by subsequent vacuuming. Encapsulation carpet cleaning applies less moisture to the carpet than traditional Hot Water Extraction, which dramatically reduces drying times. The reduction in drying times is a huge advantage to both domestic and commercial customers where the inconvenience of extended drying time means no foot traffic in large areas of the home or business.

Encapsul8  also reduces the amount of heavy equipment required compared to traditional carpet cleaning, making it the ideal product choice no matter where your carpet is located.
Independent scientific tests show that Encapsul8 is 15% better at cleaning carpets compared to competitor products, leaving your carpets cleaner and brighter. Carpets cleaned with Encapsul8 also have 17% higher re-soil resistance than those cleaned with competitors products, meaning carpets stay cleaner for longer.

Encapsul8 may be used as part of a planned carpet maintenance program in conjunction with Hot Water Extraction using Fabripowr or Fabripowr Plus


Encapsul8 SDS


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